Saturday, January 27, 2007

Update: Higgstory in the Making?

John Conway has posted Part 2 of his exciting report on the hunt for the Higgs boson. Although he is still very cautious about the significance of their experimental results, one cannot help but sense that a major discovery is about to be announced; what John and his colleagues are seeing is real sunshine at the end of the tunnel--and not the headlight of a train coming from the opposite direction:
In the end, some day we are going to have something new right there in our data, and we cannot shrink from it. We’ve gone a very long time with no truly new discovery in particle physics, no observation that truly changes the paradigm. We’ve gotten used to fluctuations coming and going, and are justly skeptical of any new ones that come along. But I think I got a glimpse that Saturday morning of what it will feel like when we do have something new, and real, and it’s a sensation that I hope I’ll have again some day soon.
We interested onlookers can only, well, look on--and wish them well! Meanwhile, bravo to John, his team and all others involved in the making of this particular Higgstory!

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